Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) for hair loss is taking the world by storm. It is classified as one of the most natural looking and hassle free treatments. It is the procedure of tattooing your scalp to give the illusion of hair and makes thinning hair look more full.

SMP is the process of replicating the appearance of shaven hair. A skilled technician places thousands of tiny pigment dots into the epidermis of the scalp this gives the appearance of a full head of hair, shaven to a very short length.

SMP without a doubt is the fastest growing solution for hair hair loss. It is a non invasive treatment and is permanent.

This treatment is also referred to as Tricopigmentation, hair tattoo, micro scalp pigmentation. hair line tattoo or sub-dermal micro pigmentation hair loss treatment.

With the help of special hair pigmentation pigments, we can give a virtual hairstyle to bald or nearly balding men. The treatment can also be used in thinning hair where the scalp is visible, it creates and illusion of more hair. The procedure also could improve the look of scars on the scalp.

The procedure takes between two- three session which are done weekly, and each session could take anything from 2-5 hours (depending on the severity of the hair loss).

The treatment is often described as a tingly sensation with no pain.

It is advisable to shave the areas of hair where the hair is still growing to avoid an unnatural look.

When Is SMP Contraindicated?

Aftercare Advice