Microblading & Powderbrows With Revive Skin & Beauty

Eyebrows frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Microblading/Powderbrows is the art of fully reconstructing, defining, and filling in over plucked brows to creating a perfect arch, suited to your face shape.

Microblading uses a manual blade, (unlike in Powderbrows where a machine is used), which transfers pigment to the top layer of the skin to create a natural looking hair strokes to your brows. A secondary numbing cream is used to minimise the discomfort which is like a scratching sensation.

Because Microblading only penetrates the top layer of the skin, the treatment is semi-permanent, lasting anything from 12-24 months. The pigment will fade if you do not maintain touch-ups. A touch-up is recommended one month after the first session and then once a year.

Powderbrow will last slightly longer as a machine is used which works on a deeper layer of the skin. The effect is that of eyeshadow which colors in the whole brow.

The first session is about 90 min long, and the first touch up would be about 60 min long.

When Microblading/Powderbrows is contraindicated:


Aftercare Wash and Lotion included in Price

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